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Leadership Seminar

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---- 2024 Washington State Square Dance Festival
and Leadership Seminar


Yakima Convention Center, July 11 – 13, 2024

Chair of Education
and Leadership:

Dave & Sharon Boggs

Vice Chair / Secretary: Steve & Joyce Sworen
Tres / Registration: Bruce & Judy Ottoson
Facilities: Linda Willand
Publicity & Promotion: Kelley Sweet




Fees included with State Festival Registration

Camping and Lodging

~ Casual or Square Dance Attire appropriate for all Leadership activities ~


9:30-10:15am Zoom Calling and Dancing (Dave Boggs)
10:30-11:15am Friday night Fun Festivals. (Dave Harry)
1:00-1:45pm Sewing clinic (Sharon Boggs)
2:00-2:45pm Officer Break-out sessions (Lead by State officers)


9:30-10:15am Sewing Clinic (Sharon Boggs)
10:30-11:15am Officer Break-out sessions (State Officers)
1:00-3:00pm Proposed Badge dance over zoom

SATURDAY 9:30-10:30 Keynote address Nancy Raiha




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