Folk & Square Dance Federation of Washington

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Leadership Seminar

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Non-Profit IRS Rules:

Tax Procedures for Square Dance Organizations - Version 1.3, January, 2009; By: Pete Murray, Financial Advisor Washington State Square and Folk Dance Federation.
Directions for filing Forms 1099 for callers and cuers - February 2009; By: Pete Murray, Financial Advisor Washington State Square and Folk Dance Federation.
Process for changing the name of a Non-Profit Club or Organization - September 2010; By: Pete Murray, Financial Advisor Washington State Square and Folk Dance Federation.

Current Financial Advisor:
Kitty & Paul Ogg
7233 Stanford Ct. NW
Bremerton, WA 98311

Frequently Asked Financial Questions:
For Financial Advisor clarifications to frequently asked questions - click here.

Membership and Insurance

Regular Membership: This is open to all currently paid up members of non-profit square, round, clogging, contra and other non-profit groups and organizations associated with the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington (Club, Council, Federation).
Individual Membership: Achieved by belonging to a State Federated club or organization and paying individual dues to the State Federation. Whenever new members are taken into the club or organization, the information on the new members is to be sent to the Federation Membership/Insurance Chair within 10 days, along with the new members Federation dues.
New Club Memberships: A club that is qualified under Article 1.E and Article IV.A of the State Federation By-Laws, and that has been accepted for membership in an Area Council, may apply for membership in the State Federation. A new club must complete and submit an "Application for New Club Membership or Renewal Form" which can be obtained on this site or from the Membership/Insurance Chair for the State Federation.

Current Membership & Insurance Chair:
Richard & Barbara Snyder
5612 S Napa
Spokane, WA 99223
Email Note: new email address

Club and Council Membership New Club & Renewal Form

Instructions. From the office of the Membership and Insurance Chairperson

• The FORM is for the renewal of a Club or Council in the Washington State Federation. Individual Federation Membership and Insurance is handled separately.

• This FORM is the basis for all the information that the State Federation and Councils need to have to function. This is the FORM that the Council and State Corresponding Secretaries use to create their respective Directories.

• The FORM is to be completed and returned (THREE COPIES) along with the Club - Federation and Council Dues to the Council Treasurer. Each club is to keep one signed copy of the FORM for their record. Each council is then responsible to see that these completed forms are returned to the State Federation.
Councils set their own deadline for the return of the RENEWAL FORMS assuring that all are submitted to the State Federation no later then May 31st.

Club Membership and Renewal Checks are to be made payable to their respective Council ...

General Liability Insurance Certificate Request Form

Instructions. From the office of the Membership and Insurance Chairperson

• This FORM is requests the issuance of a General Liability Insurance Certificate as required for a Federated Association or Club activity.

• This FORM is to be completed and returned to the Membership and Insurance Chairperson six (6) weeks prior to the activity or event, along with a letter from the Organization requiring the Certificate stating their requirements. If "additional Insured" or other special wording is required, be sure that information in include in the letter.

Membership & Insurance Incident Report

Click here to access the Incident Report Form

Certificate of Liability Insurance
This Certificate of Liability Insurance is provided herein as a matter of proof of liability insurance only for the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington and confers no rights upon the certificate holder. Current clubs, members, and organizations must contact the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington Membership & Insurance Chair for Certificates of Liability for specific events or to file a claim under this policy.

Click here for a generic copy of current Certificate of Liability

M & I Frequently Asked Questions

For membership and insurance clarifications to frequently asked questions ... click here

Federation Grants

Grant and Financial Assistance Guidelines

Deadlines for filing applications shall be a minimum of 45 days prior to the State Federation meeting. If circumstances do not allow the review to be completed within 45 days, the applicant will be notified.

Applications shall be sent to the committee chair, who will send copies to other committee members for review. If a face to face meeting of the committee is required for review, it will be determined by committee to set the time & location. Requests shall be reviewed in a timely manner to allow for submission to the Federation at the next meeting.

Grants or Financial Assistance must follow the purposes of the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington as outlined in the Articles of Association:

1. The encouragement and enjoyment of folk dancing of all nations and its related arts, and the promotion of a spirit of friendship.

2. To provide for and conduct festivals in which all may participate.

3. To encourage research in authentic dance forms and materials.

4. To assist in the formation and development of folk dance groups where such assistance is requested and desired.

5. To encourage among folk dance groups mutual cooperation and exchange of dance techniques, instructors and leaders.

6. To compile and maintain a directory of all member groups that may be interested in the purposes of this organization; sponsor training schools for folk dance leaders; foster local state and national publicity using all medium at the disposal of the Federation.

Forms and guidelines for grants and financial assistance applications are available at (Federation Grant Form) or by request to the committee chair. Grant evaluation form. Revisions will be updated as needed.

Grant and financial assistance applications must provide all information requirements as specified per IRS Form 990, Schedule I as follows:

* Date of Request

* Name & Address of Organization

* Federal Tax ID Number

* Internal Revenue Code Section (Classification – (i.e. 501(c)(3) or other)

* Amount of Grant Requested

* Purpose of Grant Requested

Financial assistance for funding of normal operational expenses (i.e. hall rental or operation, caller/cuer fees) will not be considered.

Documentation will be required for proof of value of grant or financial assistance. If the organization is not classified as 501(c)(3) with the IRS, documentation will also be required as proof that the funds are used accordingly. Documentation must also be provided as proof that the organization is in good standing with the Federation, the Washington Secretary of State and the IRS.

Funding limits shall be on a case by case basis recommended by the committee and approved by the Federation.

Applicants shall be notified of the date that their application will be presented to the Federation for approval. If the application is denied, the organization shall be notified of the reason(s) for denial.

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